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26 Basic Website Tips for your SEO Benifit

Are you tired to achieve high ranking for your website on Google and still want to know what exactly you need to do for your website SEO. Here is few tips that will help you to your website ranking on google.

26 Basic SEO Tips.
1. Page Speed and Response time
2. Poorly designed landing page
3. Not optimized for mobile.
4. To much cluttered above the fold
5. Not having a sitemap
6. Not testing different browser compatibility
7. Not optimizing for local search
8. Zero Social Media presense
9. Unclear call to action
10. Not updating old content
11. Writing Content that is not benefited focused.
12. Ineffective out reach startegy
13. Inconsistent content publishing
14. Not Promoting your content effeciently
15. Not using alt tags for images
16. Uninteresting Headlines
17. Not creating engagement content
18. Using boring and irrelevant images.
19. Un-optimized social sharing images.
20 Keyword Stuffing
21. Lack of proper interlining
22. Not replacing broken links
23. Ineffective keyword research
24. Failing to track and analyze results
25. Not linking out to quality sites
26. Ineffective use of 301 redirects.

Check out the infographic for more detail.

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