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Are Facebook ads working for your competitors but not you?

Facebook advertisements are not an easy task to put off as it may sound to be. A lot of components goes into its making which means that one requires a really creative head for the advertisement to turn out to be attractive and grab the attention of the public. It needs to be really creative and out of the box in order to turn out to be really successful.

A major benefit of advertising through Facebook is its ability to reach your exact target audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising in the social media platform after Instagram. You can advertise to people by age, interests, hobbies, behavior, and location. If you really know which section of the audience you want to target, you can then use Facebook advertising to engage them.

1.Use A Multi-Product Carousel
There are tons of reasons why multi-product carousel advertisement type increases click-through-rate and decreases your costs.
First of all, it’s intriguing, exciting and interactive. Customers love to scroll through and view more products. Our natural intrigue leads us to click and play with it which draws more people to the brand, and this creates more engagement.
Secondly, show a group of products that work together. Use this option to explain how multiple products interact or tell a story.
Thirdly, use it to show a wider range of products.

2. Use A Video Advert
By using a video, your advertisement is much more likely to find its way onto your target’s feed. Not only that, but it’s more engaging as it is a video format which they will love to watch. Statistics show that more than half of daily Facebook users are interested in watching videos on the platform on a daily basis. Customers are much more likely to stop and watch a video, as it instantly starts playing when they scroll over it. You will also be able to show your products in action.

3. Use Facebook ‘Offers’
Who does not love a sale? Customers are much more likely to click when you offer them a flat discount.If you’ve got a sale on your products, you can create an advert specifically based on the sale or offer. Creating an introductory offer to entice people in is the best idea.Advertise flat 15% off or 25% off for you products.

The best thing about this form of advertisement is that the potential customers don’t even need to leave Facebook to redeem it. Clicking the ad gives them a unique code, that they can use at the website. This particular method also uses ‘social proof’, by showing others that these many people have already claimed it.
To put it in a better way, this is a brilliant way to entice new and existing customers to your website.

4. ‘Boost’ An Existing Popular Post
Picking a post that has already generated tons of shares, click-throughs, and interactions is the simple way to boost the reach to thousands of new people.
You can choose to promote it to people who already follow your page, or reach out to new people. The unique element of a boosted post is that you already know it produces results. Boost it, and you’re guaranteed more sales and attention.

5. Stop Selling!
Not every advertisement needs to focus on the sales aspect.It is good to look for other ways to obtain value from your advertisement.
The best option is promoting an event. Events are a really fantastic way to grow brand awareness. Perhaps, host a product launch event in any area.

6. Create a Custom Call-To-Action
Facebook now allows creating a personal call-to-action. It is still not used widely by brands and eCommerce sellers. It will drastically increase your click-through-rate.

7. Targeting
Facebook has the great ability to offer niche advertising. It records the demographic and location data of most of the Facebook users. It also collects their relationships, personal details like interests, hobbies, and jobs all of which are super useful for eCommerce owners.

8. Image Optimization
Facebook always prioritize images and videos above other forms of written content. It stops people in their tracks with an eye-catching photo.

9. Use An Exact Figure For Pricing
A person’s mind processes a simple figure much faster than one with pennies. It also appears to be a bigger rate when you put a lot of digits after the point. So, instead of promoting a pair of shoes at $14.95, promote them at $15. Don’t be tensed to round up or down in the pursuit of a better click-through rate.

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