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Best Tips to Managing Efficiently Software Developer

To stay Software Developer Target Driven Managerial Practice is important that helps meet their personal targets. Like everyone else, developers rely on their manager to take care of the administrative tasks, and keep them free from dishonesty.

Managing efficiently Software Developer is an art

  1. Developer love to write code where as a Manager can help to boost them to get the job done in the best possible manner and encourage your Developer to come up with innovative and creative ideas constantly.
  2. Most skilled Developer want to continue excelling in their work and improve themselves.Help them to achieve their goal recognizing their desire to grow. Find the area of weakness and set small task with target to improve.That will help you to improve your technical direction as well you will learn to understand your workforce better.
  3. Communication is Key to Success. Before starting project clear communication on projects will help your developer to learn the actual requirement. From there only you can understand what can be done and which is unrealistic. Developer only the person who will be working on it you can use their opinion to modify your requirements. Keep asking your developers if they are facing issues meeting the requirements set forth beforehand.
  4.  Check progress of project on regular basis.Otherwise you might spend extra time and that turns to project delay. Involve your developer identifying right metrics. This way you can understand what problem they face and you can work together with your developer to find solution.
  5.  Adopting new technology will save your time and money. Using old Technology make developer busy on debugging the issue kill time. Where as new updated technology / Software help your developer easier to work.
  6.  Train your developer with new technology / software help to reduce lead time of the project. Find the relevant training require for your developer that will help your developer to gain comprehensive knowledge sooner.
  7.  Quality Over Quantity Can Make You Happier.Most people do the mistake increasing number of developer to complete the job that turns to delay and complicate the work among developers.Instead assign specific task to existing developer and get the quality work. Having a team of varying experience levels and skill sets goes a long way in improving its efficiency and satisfaction.
  8.  To get work done within time frame and error free Appreciation play major role. Developer are human appreciating good work expect to get the work done and encourages the others to be more proactive and cavalier in their future endeavors.
  9.  Multitasking discourage your Developer think innovative. Most of the companies try developer to work on more then one project in different shift that break the continuity of the work and fail to give quality work. Instead use separate team for separate project will help them to focus on single project and give positive work on time frame.
  10. Last line not the least. Don’t make your developer busy on unimportant task as I mentioned earlier that developer love to code.Asking them for any meeting which is not relevant to the work or trouble them constantly about pending deadlines for unrealistic targets may demotivate on work. Best way to keep your developer work on task List as per priority thats keep your task force happy and Developer Happy. A happy Developer is biggest asset to a Manager.

Thanks all for reading my effort if anyone want to attach their views which I missed here please share

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