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Top 10 latest trends to boost your website ranking and visibility

In the recent era, almost every second enterprise opts for an online presence and their major concentration relies on website development isn’t it? However, as per the recent research, the majority of the individuals prefer seeking the amateur website designers as they aren’t in a state to pay the high charges of a professional web developer. As a result, even with a super quality blog posts and good content, the visitors don’t prefer staying on the site for a long time that further results in the poor ranking of the same.

There isn’t any doubt to say that the main motive of every blogger is to make their visitors stay for a considerable amount of time on their site and that’s what makes them follow the latest and modern trends to retain their visitors. There exist an array of tools specially designed to aid bloggers to achieve website success with ease. Here’s the list of them:

1. Significant typography with brilliant colors
Writing that lengthy and boring stuff isn’t the requirement of your visitors. In order to make your content more expressive, it is worth using fonts and upbeat colors to help your visitors get an interesting and engaging content they crave.
2. Interactive animations
Exclusively triggered interactive components can provide your web page with a cleaner look and boost the conversion rates as well as customer engagement in the same.
3. Photo content to make a big hit
Photo content would be introduced in e-commerce websites in 2018; however, it is anticipated to be the part of almost every site in the coming years.
4. UX writing is predicted to achieve traction
In 2018, developing textual fundamentals of user’s edge is anticipated to be highly demanded. It is often said to be a digital voice of an organization that aids you to lead a better communication with your users.
5. Utilization of Cinema-graphs will escalate
Life-like images instilled in the recurring movements of the secondary part is going to be the part of website design in 2018. So in order to enhance the interactivity of your website, you must aim to utilize the GIF.

6. Scalable vector graphics will become conventional
Scalable vector graphics (SVG) would outdo the entire graphics formats of 2018 as it is said to be highly scalable and provides a super quality multimedia experience without influencing the reliability of your website.

7. Voice user interface and search
The sudden expansion of voice search has covered the way for voice user interfaces. It will add sparkle to your website by enabling integrated voice search element.
8. The fame of VR videos will diversify
VR often considered as the future of website development, the users will spot the amazing VR videos on the websites 2018. This growth of VR videos would take the website design to a whole new level.
9. IOT and Chat-bots to enhance user’s experience
Though there are several websites that have already adopted chat-bots to tackle the customers, others are anticipated to opt for the same soon. With several devices out there websites would go through the standard shift in 2018.
10. A significant rise in web applications
In 2018, the users are entitled to notice the manifestation of mobile applications in website designs. Push notifications, animated page transitions, and splash screens will undeniably enhance the functionality of a website.

So these were the top 10 latest trends you could opt to enhance the appearance of your website and make it a big hit in terms of Search engine ranking. All the best!

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