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A few useful tips for a web design blog writer

Follow your day job

The sooner you become a web design blog writer, don’t think of quitting your job. While testing the waters, your skills must be sharpened; so, don’t take a drastic step. Don’t quit your job like that; make sure you acquire all the necessary designing techniques in advance. Prior to submitting the resignation letter you’ll need to find a reliable ground for stepping in.

For a few months, you must acquire various techniques and ideas on web designing and start blogging in case you are new to this platform. Your writing skills might improve drastically when you work as a freelance blogger. There are a few good blogs that can help you maintain a steady flow of work besides yielding great results. You must establish a strong bonding with these blogs.

Develop a blog

For most freelance writers, it is the first step to design a blog on certain terms. This is your opportunity to showcase your writing in a versatile way and practiced accordingly. Writing for one’s personal website designing blog doesn’t show any resemblance with writing content for any site.

The feel good bonding has to be developed by you even before you start analyzing which clients are going to place their orders with you. While writing content for blogs, you’ll need to follow rules that are identical to rules that you ought to follow while writing websites. Nice explanations and eye-catching images are what the clients get attracted towards; make sure your write-ups contain such stuffs. Don’t just beat around the bush; nice samples of articles are what attracts clients in terms of quality.

Earn recognition

When it comes to acquiring visitors for your web designing blog, it often seems to be a great challenge. You must produce quality stuff in order to catch up with your target audience. In case you can’t do that, your competitors will gain an edge over you. Reddit and Digg are social media that help you acquire more hits upon submitting quality articles. Put some meaningful and catchy headlines for your articles. Once you find a few popular topics for your users, you’ll naturally find a way to acquire more visitors for your blog.

Upon managing certain subscribers, you shouldn’t try sharing your articles over social media; let your visitors do that on your behalf. Readers are bound to post things for you when they relate to your topics. In case the topic isn’t goof for the readers, it won’t help submitting topics. A mass appeal is usually generated by a popular article. Other bloggers find it easier to identify themselves with your blog, and this is turn generates a prospective market for your write-ups.

Guest Blog

All of your efforts are bound to get projected by your way of blogging. Apart from writing to a known blogger, you must try sharing your articles as a guest. You’ll catch more attention when you suggest some quality posting ideas for other bloggers. You may show a few quality links to your write-ups in order to suggest a route to your writing samples.

While writing for a few quality blogs, you may end up acquiring a few good comments. Don’t commit the mistake of writing at blogs that acquire higher positions across major search engines. Medium sized blogs should be your target in this area. A back-link of your blog needs to be placed within a great post written by you. By trying out these ways, you’re likely to accumulate a much wider audience. The outcome of these acts are likely to make your posts more visible to the commuters. You may follow a few simple steps for acquiring successful branding being a nice blog post writer.

Go through freelance job boards

Freelancer blogs are likely to show you through a few quality job boards. There are writers that work on specific niches; you may get associated with such blogs. When your favorite niche is being depicted by a blog, you’re bound to feel more comfortable while writing for it. You must find out the specific niche and the kind of work that you’re comfortable in performing. You may come across numerous jobs on the block; that’s why you must apply for more jobs. Pick the job that makes you feel more comfortable.

Evaluate your work

If you wish, you may charge a fixed rate for your posts on an hourly basis. Initially you may consider charging a bit less for the posts that you share; this will give you an edge while launching your blog. Once you acquire more experience, you’ll be in a position to charge more for your posts every hour.

Deliver quality stuff

In the event you’re asked to show a trial post for someone’s blog, you’ll need to come up with your best stuff. While sharing your post on the blog, you’ll need to be sure that your posts reflect adequate information and quality to be shared over platforms like Digg and Delicious. Neither the blog you’ve chosen to write for nor you as a writer will gain anything, if your content is of a mediocre standard.

Follow the deadlines

You can only show your professionalism by delivering tasks on time. Clients start writing you off in case you fail to meet the deadlines. Editors choose to go with writers that make it a point to meet deadlines instead of ones that don’t. Your reputations gets protected well when this opportunity is secured by you.

Understand the topic

Write only about things that are within your knowledge. It reflects your interest in such topics. In case you’re writing on something that you aren’t aware of, then it shows in your articles. You must do a bit of research prior to writing on a specific topic. Once the topic looks known, you’re bound to feel at ease. It will even save much of your valuable time.

Professional details

All professional writers need to arrive at some form of contract. Make sure you’re well aware of the job details e.g. post submissions, project deadline, need of different media, the format for submission, the necessary length of the post, the mode of payment as well as the date of payment.

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