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Web design tips to make your site look more appealing


One needs to keep a number of factors in mind while designing a website. You mustn’t forget that it could be a tedious task. You may avoid all hassles, if you follow a few good tips offered by experts –


” Smaller images are good for your site

Your site thrives upon smaller images. Don’t create images that go beyond 10 – 12 KB. A large number of broadband users have come up of late. The slow pages might just cause annoyance even when you’re inside T1. Bigger images would mostly create these slow pages. It just takes a bit of time to optimize the images.

“Graphics used by your site should match your content.
Be it a cute picture of your little doggie or something else; you mustn’t place any pic on your website that doesn’t match its context. You may opt for that when you have a specific section for depicting your samples. Your page often needs the support of quality photos and graphics; you can’t use these images for explaining your content.

“Images that flash, rotate, alter or move shouldn’t be used on your web-pages. Your web pages shouldn’t contain images that can alter, rotate, move and flash. Using such images may often distract your visitors. Your browsers need to cover flashing graphics, so that your users are allowed to read specific parts of your site.


” Continual use of standard layouts.

A single page may even use 6-8 frames. You may even need to visit sites wherein the users are forced to shift right or scroll up and down to catch a clear view of the content. In spite of possessing a nice layout, these websites may often be driven nuts.

“Your website layouts must show relevant graphics.

Relevant graphics must be shown on the site layouts. Make sure the layouts get real elements as graphics for projecting a fresh meaning out of the whole presentation.


” Restrict the use of multiple fonts.

A certain amateurish look is drawn by the site every time some changes are caused to the font. You may consider maintaining 3 standard fonts all over the site to make things simpler for the visitors. The content turns more readable for the users besides reflecting a positive feel.

“Standard font families need to be used.

Consider using standard font families. You may not be interested in using fonts that are common. At the same time, you must also remember that these are the fonts that make web content more explicable to visitors, especially when you’re showing an uncommon thing.

Don’t allow advertisements to overwhelm your web pages. A major share of your visitors may be deflected when your site misses vital information; this can happen even when your site acquires more space due to the lack of such information. Visitors are likely to check out more relevant ads. In your attempt to develop a site for your site of you’re a client, you must consider following these vital development tips.

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